On Repeat: The Internet

I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately. I haven’t yet mastered the balancing act of pursuing goals that are sometimes in conflict with each other and I’ve fallen in and out of love with many aspects of my life. One thing has stayed the same, however. I find an incredible amount of relief and introspection during the hours of my day spent listening to music. The Internet is satisfying my need to vibe and ride out my emotional ups and downs for nearly three months now. I think this is the longest I’ve ever listened to an artist and I’m so grateful that I stubbled upon them again. One of my closest friends tried to put me on to The Internet years ago by playing their first album Purple Naked Ladies for me back in 2011, but my musical tastes needed to develop before I could appreciate their brand of sound.

Again, I am a lover of contemporay R&B and hip-hop and I was drawn to The Internet’s soul and funk influences. The Internet is a soul band formed by Syd tha Kid and Matt Martians, two producers and members of the Odd Future label. I started off listening to Ego Death, their most recent album and was immediately struck by Syd’s sultry voice and the melodic jazz band. Their music is a perfect match for my energy at the moment–I love listening to Ego Death while walking through Wissahickon park and traveling; their second release Feel Good complements my calmer, more melacholy moods, and Purple Naked Ladies is perfect when I feel an inspired energy vibrating around me. Check out their most recent video for “Special Affair/Curse,” which I absolutely LOVE. I’ve also linked below their full albums for your listening pleasure.



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