On Repeat: Jay Prince

I’ve had two different people approach me in the last week and ask whether I choose my music individually (favorite songs); by the artist, or by the album. Now, a few years ago I wouldn’t even know where to start in answering that question. I’ve never been a “music-head” and I’ve only begun understanding my personal music tastes this past year. And since I’ve started my job with Parks and Recreation, I’ve been spending time listening to music on a daily basis. I don’t usually listen to music unless I’m working/writing, traveling, or pampering myself. So when these two people asked me my preferences I was so excited just to be able to reflect and give an honest answer.

If you’ve been following my “On Repeat” posts, you’d notice that I’ve recently been posting full albums, and it’s because I’ve discovered that I am definitely an “album person.” I thoroughly enjoy being taken on a full melodic ride with a consistent flowing vibe. Music really influences my mood now, so when I find an artist I like, I need to be able to listen to their full album several times a day for me to truly love them.

So, of course I’ve found another artist that I’ve fallen in love with: Jay Prince. He’s a UK M.C. with two recent EPs out: Befor Our Time and Beautiful Mercy. I love his storytelling and the electric and funk influences throughout his work. I’ve been listening to both albums every single day for the past month and I still haven’t stopped smiling, rapping and bouncing to my favorite song, “AfroPhunk” since i first stumbled upon it. Listen to “AfroPhunk” and “Bump That” from Beautiful Mercy below, and the full album Befor Our Time below.



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