Beekeeping at Greensgrow Farms

This post is hella late, but here are some pictures of a visit I took to Greensgrow Farms a few weeks ago. My partner keeps bees and has been antsy for me to meet some of the bees he works with so I shadowed him as he went to check on the bees living at and pollinating the plants at Greensgrow Farms. If you haven’t heard of or yet visited Greensgrow Farms, I highly recommend checking it out. Greensgrow Farms is an awesome urban farm located at 2503 E. Firth Street with a great CSA (Community/City Supported Agriculture), a seasonal partnership where you can buy locally produced fruits, vegetables, and dairy or vegan protein options. Read more about Greensgrow Farms and their CSA here.

SH and I toured the farm for a bit at first and then headed over to the Living Roof, where the hives for the honeybees were located. I watched SH smoke the bees out a bit to calm them down before opening the hives–apparently the smoke mimics a forest fire, which alerts the bees to eat as much honey as possible in preparation for a long commute to another hive location. As a result, the bees’ bellies will be so full, they’ll have a harder time stinging. I watched him check several frames to see if the combs had larvae, if the Queen was intact and producing offspring, and how much honey were in the hives. While he was working, I quelled my fears and held some frames, and even got to taste some honey straight from the comb! It was delicious. 





















3 thoughts on “Beekeeping at Greensgrow Farms

  1. solarbeez says:

    I went to your “About” page to see where Greensgrow Farms is…In Philadelphia. It just so happens, my daughter is working a “Technology in Education” show there this week. I sent her a text about Greensgrow, but she probably won’t have enough time to visit. It sure looks like something to see. Nice going on trying bees out. My wife and I are natural beekeepers. We provide ‘housing’ for the bees and sort of let them do their own thang. 🙂


    • Zakia says:

      That’s awesome! I’m starting to embrace bees more too–since that visit I’ve been more calm and happy to see them buzz around me. I hope your daughter has a great time in Philly at her show and thanks so much for sharing!

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      • solarbeez says:

        My daughter is working too hard now, but work is work, and she’s happy to have a job. Being a good walker, she was able to stroll a few blocks after a long day yesterday and liked what she saw.
        That’s pretty awesome what Greensgrow Farms are doing for the neighborhoods.


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